Kylie Jenner Lips in less than an hour!

So it’s no big secret that the Kardashian / Jenners have taken the beauty and fashion world by storm. This years big thing has to be the Kylie Jenner Lips – what seems like an overnight inflation, Kylie is now boasting the plumpest lips we have ever seen. So the big question is… are they real or has she had a little help?


At first we were convinced that Kylie had received a little help from a cosmetic surgeon but after scrawling the internet and much debate, we’ve began to think otherwise. From what we have found, the Kylie Jenner lips seem to have been created with the help of a brand new beauty tool, some clever lipstick shading and the perfect camera angles. Check out our tips, tricks and contraptions below and create this pouty look.


Kylie Jenner Lips using Candy Lipz

First things first, let’s start with size. Ever heard of Candylipz? NO? Well if you are after some Kylie Jenner lips, Candylipz should be your new best friend. Candylipz use a similar technique to the ancient Chinese method of cupping – It is a 100% natural method for instant lip enhancement. It works by increasing the blood flow circulation to your lips leaving them fuller.


The next steps are made so much easier with the results of the Candylipz beauty tool. For step 2 you will need your normal shade of foundation, your perfect colour lipstick, and a matching lipliner in a slightly darker shade. Apply your foundation all over your face including lightly over your lips. Carefully line your lips with the liner and work the colour in slightly so you have a thick border around your lips and exaggerate the natural creases of your lips. Now apply your lipstick over the top of the liner. It really is as easy as that!


For the final step you need to grab your camera and start posing – this part is probably the hardest! Find the your perfect angle to show off your new Kylie Jenner lips!

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