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You think silky smooth skin? We think Frank Coffee Scrub. Have you heard the latest? We know it sounds crazy but here goes… the latest trend when it comes to getting those perfect summer pins? You guessed it, coffee scrub! Caffeine is full of antioxidants which, when applied topically, can do wonders for our skin.

Raw, natural beauty seems to be the hottest thing around at the minute. Beauty conscious babes are more and more choosing products that mother nature herself would be proud of. It’s all about stripping back those harsh chemicals and indulging our bodies in only the best natural ingredients. Cue Frank Coffee Scrub.

Frank Coffee Scrub

Frank Coffee Scrub

Fresh out of Australia – Frank Coffee Scrub is a delicious new coffee scrub that promises to improve all of those problem areas that us girls hate – dry and dull skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, and acne to name a few. Packed full of gorgeous ingredients like sweet almond oil, orange essence, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, brown sugar, jojoba beads, sea salt, and of course, coffee, this stuff is sure to leaving you feeling amazing. Check out Frank Coffee Scrub here.

Budget Beauty Babe?

Are you a budget beauty babe? Don’t you worry. This week we decided to test out a DIY coffee scrub recipe which you can find below. Because of our office situation we were limited to coffee scrub facials rather than an all over coffee body experience!

Coffee Body Scrub

Our social media manager, Charlotte was the first guinea pig. Charlotte applied the scrub to her make up free face and left for 5 minutes before working in small circular motions to gently exfoliate. A quick trip to the ladies room and she swilled off scrub and patted her face dry. The results were amazing! Her skin looked radiant and felt a million times smoother than before.

I was sold! Last night I spent a little me time lathering myself from head to toe in coffee. I am so pleased with the results – the biggest difference is in my face. This morning my makeup seemed to go on so much easier and my skin looks glowing! I am certain coffee scrubbing will become a permanent feature in my beauty regime. Grab a copy of our DIY coffee scrub recipe below and start scrubbing!

DIY Scrub Recipe

Ground Coffee – We used some prepacked coffee which you can find in any local supermarket.

Sugar – Preferably brown sugar.

Ground Sea Salt – Make sure this isn’t too chunky as it could hurt!

Oil – We used organic coconut oil but any premium oil will do.



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