It’s My Birken

Customising, defacing or possibly a bit of both? Since its launch into the fashion world the Birkin bag has had quite a few notable run-ins with the odd marker pen or sticky label. The latest celeb threesome to push the Birkin into the spotlight is Kim, Kanye and newly found artist, baby North West.

In 1984 the Hermès Birkin bag was born. Hermès cheif executive, Sebastien Jondeau had decided to create a leather handbag for actress and singer Jane Birkin after hearing her complain about finding a weekend handbag that she liked.

With prices ranging up £100k a bag, there is no wonder the Birken has become symbol of wealth among celebs and socialites alike. But why spend so much money on a bag only to scribble all over its beautiful face? We have found our fave examples of the good the bad and the ugly!







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